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必发88&88必发游戏官网&88必发唯一官网欢迎您 Ⅰ. Applications:It is applicable to all types of vertical multi-rows packing machines and automatic filing-sealing packing machine for jelly, ice cream, coffee, ham etc. Ⅱ. Features:1. Alarm function of ribbon running out. Use the micro-computer to recycle the ribbon for saving consumable material.2. Print space can be adjusted flexibly; the coding speed keeps pace with the packing machine which can make sure the coherence of printing position.  3. From one-head to 12-head, single-row and double-row are available to meet code-making needs in a wide range. Ⅲ. Technology Data:
DriverMotor, Compressed Air
Signal requiredContact signal, Photoelectric signal, Micro-switch
Print speed60 Times/min
Font size2mm*3mm*15mm, 2mm*4mm*15mm (can be customized)
Dimension (L*W*H)1200mm*370mm*350mm  (Remark: 8 heads)
Remarks: Other specification can be customized.