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    必发88&88必发游戏官网&88必发唯一官网欢迎您 . Application:The thermal transfer printers can integrate seamlessly into a range of flexible packaging machines can print clear legible alpha numeric, logo, barcode as well as text on both intermittent and high-speed production lines. . Features: 1.Patented ribbon economy system you can save up to 60% on ribbon usage without reducing print resolution.2.Long ribbon rolls reduces changeovers and maximizes production uptime3.Maintenance-free clutchless Dancing Arms provide ribbon tension control preventing ribbon breakage and ensuring responsiveness at high-speed . Technology Data:    
    ModelEasyprint Compact 32D
    Printing ModesIntermittent Mode (IM)Continuous Mode (CM)
    Print Density300 dpi
    Print SpeedIntermittent Mode (IM): 400 mm/secContinuous Mode (CM):10 mm 750mm/sec
    Print AreaIntermittent Mode (IM): 32mm*55mmContinuous Mode (CM): 32mm*500mm
    Max. Ribbon Length 650m (up to 1625m effective length with Economy mode)
    Ribbon Width34mm, 22mm
    Ribbon Saving FeaturesVariable in 1% increments up to 60%
    Dimensions (W*H*D)218mm*160mm*150mm
    Power Supply90v-264v  AC: 50-60Hz  or  24v DC: (+/- 2%) at 5A (if direct)