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NY-810 Manual Date Coding Machine  Ⅰ. Applications: It is a kind of ink roll coding machine and can be used alone to print the production date, lot number, weight, etc. Ⅱ. Features:1.With features of automatically counting, paging, temperature controlling, high speed and high efficiency.2. Adopts solid ink roll, lower in costs and the printout is clear and with good adhesion.3. Printing position can be adjusted flexibly; the number of printed pages can be known clearly. Ⅲ. Technology Data:
Print Speed0-300 Times/min
Print AreaL(55mm-500mm)*W(30mm-190mm)L(55mm-500mm)*W(30mm-300mm)
Font Size3mm*3.5mm*6.8mm
ConsumableInk roll
Dimension (L*W*H)500mm*450mm*295mm
Remarks: Other specification can be customized.